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MARINA CANTACUZINO - Founder, The Forgiveness Project 

"The Story of Lynette Grace collected by The Forgiveness Project has been viewed multiple times on our website. It has been used in classrooms, churches, and conferences round the world as a way of showcasing peaceful solutions to conflict. 

Lynette’s story like all those collected and shared by The Forgiveness Project is what I call a restorative narrative in that the story shifts from a moment of horror and devastation, to a journey of understanding, empathy and forgiveness.

Her story demonstrates how the healing process is to pass from the narrative of trauma as overwhelming grief to the narrative of trauma as an experience of deep significance. 

Bringing together all her experience and learning following the murder of her friend and the attack on herself (as well as the subsequent friendship she forged with the perpetrator) Lynette is able to give voice to a humanity born out of redemption and illustrate the healing power of forgiveness."

Niki Clum - Legislative Liaison

"Lynette Grace is an amazing woman unlike any other. Lynette’s incontrovertible faith allows her to truly live in grace. Lynette is the victim of a juvenile offender.  Despite enduring this brutality, Lynette did not allow her life to be filled with anger or desire for revenge.  Instead she dug down deep into her heart and faith, and not only chose to forgive her attacker, but she chose to advocate for him and other children.  Ohioans are so lucky to have Lynette. 

At a moment’s notice, Lynette will drop everything to share her story with legislators at the Ohio Statehouse. Advocating for Ohio’s child, Lynette has provided testimony to the Ohio Legislature at least five times supporting bills to abolish the sentence of life without parole for kids.

With unmatched bravery, Lynette shares her story of grace and forgiveness. Her message and delivery are so powerful that legislators cannot help but be affected. I have personally witnessed her change the mind of even the most staunch “tough on crime” legislators.

Her message appeals to their humanity. Her presence and persuasive testimony force the legislators to ask themselves “If Lynette can find it in herself to give her own attacker a second chance, shouldn’t Ohio be able to do that for all of our children.” Lynette is even more convincing one-on-one.  I have sat in on meetings between Lynette and legislators.  Once a legislator hears her story, and is met with her grace, they too become a supporter of abolishing life without parole for kids. Lynette Grace is aptly named.  Lynette lives in God’s Grace and brings other into it through her advocacy.

Kevin Scott - Breaking the Cycle

"From all of the Breaking the Cycle team in the UK we would like to thank Lynette for visiting us and for joining us in speaking to the students at the Harris Academy in Merton, London.

Her story was very inspirational to us and I know it was to the students and staff at the Harris Academy."

JOHN and TESSY MENZ - Beech Grove Bruderhof, UK

"It was so good to have fellowship with Lynette here at Beech Grove.

Her story touched our hearts."

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